The Ultimate Dog Training Bundle.

Simple, Easy & Fun Trick Training, for an Unbreakable Bond with your Dog

Do You Want Your Dog to be EXPERT LEVEL Trained?

Join the easiest way to train your own dog and have huge amounts of fun at the same time. 

Welcome to Canine Trick Masters

No more guessing, googling, searching or you-tubing “How do I teach my dog to do the achoo trick?"

Get the exact steps to teach your dog any trick and build solid reliable behaviors.  

Have instant access to the video library right at your fingertips.  

Get tailored feedback unique to you and your dog, fully supported by expert trainers 24/7.  

Start training right away! 

Join Canine Trick Masters and learn how to...

⚈ Become a Trick Master Trainer

⚈ Intro to Doggy Dancing

⚈ Intro to Canine Parkour

⚈ Cooperative Care and Free Hand Handling

⚈ Intro to Canine Fitness

⚈ Fun with intro to Rally Obedience

⚈ Acting and Performance Training

⚈ And more

Join us to...

  • Super charge your dogs training
  • Teach obedience and life skills (and have a tonne of fun whilst doing it)
  • Learn advanced mechanics and handling, in easy bite-size chunks
  • Enhance your Trick Training repertoire
  • Create an unbreakable bond with your dog
  • Positive Reinforcement Only
  • Earn Trick Title Certifications


From Novice to Expert Tricks
Learn over 250 tricks and even into to freestyle.

Got a dog with focus issues?Trick Training is for you!
Is your dog lacking in his recall? Trick Training is for you.
Because tricks are always fun, they will inevitably teach your dog to love learning.


If you give your dog a choice to opt out of something, they actually opt in more!

For a lot of dogs, grooming is a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be stressful -- for you or your dog!
Your dog can learn to love nail trims and eye drops. 


Learn specific exercises for healthy dogs, to improve muscle mass and strength, general fitness level, coordination and balance.
 Help your dog prevent injuries


Turn your Surroundings into your Dog's Playground!

Learn  fun dog parkour exercises, from beginner to advanced. Challenge your dog physically and mentally, with an emphasis on safety

Inside Canine Trick Masters you get...

  • Live Weekly Classes 
  • Training Vault, your online library of video tutorials hundreds of Tricks 
  • Step by Step videos, handout and workbooks so you can track your progress
  • Community Space to share videos 
  • Personalized feedback and troubleshooting 
  • Trick Title Verification (AKC and DMWYD)
  • Monthly Contract - cancel anytime 
  • 2 months free when you pay upfront for 12 months 
  • VIP discounts on in-person workshops 

Hey Pet Parents,

Did you welcome a dog into the family dreaming of blissful walks, soft cuddles and an attentive friend that follows you everywhere… But the reality is not meeting the expectations?

You even did everything right…

 Went to puppy classes, did the training, took your dog everywhere to socialize but somewhere along the way that sweet puppy turned into a complicated canine?

Or you welcomed a rescue home, saved them from the shelter, gave them a forever sofa to call home but you’re struggling with unwanted behavior...

 Like pulling on the lead, Not coming back when called, Going crazy whenever the doorbell goes or friends come round to visit, Stealing food off the counters, Digging up the yard etc. 

Sound Familiar?

You know, I hear this from my clients all the time before we start working together about just how relentless life with their dog can feel.

 How the dog goes from one moment being chill and calm, to barking and lunging at the end of the leash. You’re left wondering what the other people walking by must be thinking about that ‘out of control’ dog you’re desperately clinging on to…  

Or how friends don’t come over anymore because the dog throws itself all over the place, all over the visitors, crazy - like a hurricane storming through the house. 

Imagine in (a not so distant) future..

You have the do anything, take anywhere, rockstar dog.
One that can sit and wait politely when the doorbell goes.
Friends and family come over for the holidays, the dog chills out on their own bed and you can relax knowing the turkey is safe on the kitchen counter.
You have a dog that even helps out around the house… putting away toys, picking up socks and playing peek-a-boo with the kids.
Walks are different too, they’re fun - like you head down to the beach and play games as your dog weaves through your legs ignoring all the other dogs and people around you.

Your dog is no longer barking and lunging at dogs, people or cars… They’re laser focussed on you, offering nose touches to your hand instead of worrying about what's going on elsewhere.

Let’s talk about Canine Trick Masters…

The simple way to have a trainer in your pocket to support your whole dog's training.

Yes, It's Trick Training! Incredible fun for you and your dog, and it's way more than just tricks… 

Watch the ripple effect of trick training flow into everyday life as your dog learns life skills.

Guaranteed to open up a whole new dynamic of communication between you and your dog, boosting the relationship and creating long lasting results.

Our Promise to you...

Our Promise is kind, ethical and positive training that will empower both ends of the lead.

It is our mission to deliver successful training so that together you and your dog are smiling ear to ear - or should that be nose to tail…

We absolutely LOVE trick training for our happy waggy tailed dogs, building confidence and optimism every click of the way.

Trick Training is fun, achievable and accessible for all dogs, age, breed, size and experience level and the skills you learn can be applied to real life situations that go beyond the training room. 

Meet Your Trainers

Julie Fryman KPA CTP, CBATI, CPDT &
Yo Armendariz KPA CTP, CBATI, SDI

Both Julie Fryman and Yo Armendariz are trick-dog performers and have entertained and educated thousands of dog lovers around the world through their in-person and virtual courses and workshops.

Recently Yo Armendariz created a Trick Training Toolbox for Dog Trainers. A step by step tutorial video library for trainers to use for helping to teach their students.

Both Julie and Yo have experience caring and training for a wide range of animals and believes that a holistic, positive approach to medical and behavioral issues is necessary for all breeds and species. They maintain their commitment to continuing education through accredited animal science agencies.

 They are known for their ability to break down complex skills into easy steps, and for developing practical techniques that give the students a sense of achievement and success throughout the dog training process.

They are both very passionate about bringing humane, science-based training solutions to the community. 

Meet the trainer in some of your expert videos...

Jennifer Fraser has been successfully competing with dogs for over 35 years.

She has earned over 350 titles with her dogs, in multiple venues. While living in Italy for a few months, Jennifer discovered trick training, and started street performing with her dogs to make ends meet while her children were in school.

She took her trick training onto  America’s Got Talent in 2019 and took their adventure to Crufts 2022, the biggest dog show in the world.  

What our members say...

Pam & Sasha

Originally met Pam in our Rowdy Rover class, when she brought Sasha to class to help with her over-reactive response to strangers and people.

Fast forward to now, Sasha has now become one of the helper dogs in class to help other students.

Sasha is training for her Expert Title (just about there)

Diane & Benji/ Brutus

You can see Diane & both her dogs Bengi and Brutus every week for class.

Both her dogs are working on their Advance Titles

Sergio & Sunny

Sergio has worked behind the scenes with the filming of the videos.

He and Sunny work on their trick training together using the videos as their tutorials. 

Deanie & Bella 

Deanie needed something to keep her busy, smart aussiedoodle occupied and trick training was the solution.

Since they began Bella has already earned her Expert Title and is going for the Grand Champion. 

Gary and JD

My dad, Gary would participate in class from his chair with JD. Getting in a car and driving somewhere to train his dog would have been a problem but having access to the virtual classes was the reason he had such success in training. 

All it takes is...

  • One class a week, and they’re recorded. Can’t make it live? No problem - catch up! 
  • Work at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.
  • Plus you’ve got a whole library of step by step tutorials to refer back to.
  • Sure - you could go for another 6 weeks of obedience classes with the local trainer… but what happens after 6 weeks? 
  • What if your problems aren’t resolved?
  • That's why we are here to do training a little differently…

Your Investment

Our Trick Training Program runs much like a gym membership. The membership is $137/month. You can sign up for as many open classes,  as you’d like.

Can't make the LIVE? No problem, classes will be recorded and placed in your Video Library.

Payments will be set up to automatically recur monthly, but you can cancel your membership at any time.  

For more information on classes please give us a call

Phone  877.428.8285


canine tricks masters


Monthly for 12 months

  • All access pass to all group classes
  • Live and Recorded
  • VIP priority support from our trainers

1 Year Unlimited

canine tricks masters


1 Year Membership

  • Special offer for paid in Full
  • Live and Recorded
  • VIP priority support from our trainers
  • Special Rate for Privates with Yo
  • Lowest yearly renewal

Discount Rate for Private Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After purchase, you will create a login account. You can access the Course (while logged into your account) in multiple ways:  phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Once you've logged into your course you will see a tab in the Welcome module that is titled Join the Community. Click the link and you will be added to the VIP Community so that you can connect with training team.

No minimum contract length, join monthly to cancel anytime.

Yes! If you want the yearly membership, but don't want to make the payment in full, you can make payments for the year at a monthly rate of $99 month for 12 months. You will still get the low price renewal. 

Absolutely, we are on hand via email or in the FB group to support you every step of the way.

Join monthly, cancel anytime. Or pay upfront for 12 months and get a special rate - this option is non-refundable.

We haven’t seen a dog yet that hasn’t taken to Trick Training. If you feel that your dog isn’t learning or progressing, reach out in the FB group, share your questions and videos so that we can offer feedback on how to work with your dog. You’ve got support right in your pocket 24/7! Or if you change your mind and the program isn’t for you, (that's totally ok - no hard feelings) if you’re on a monthly contract you can cancel anytime.

No Problem! They’re recorded so you can catch up, or work through the Trick Library at your own pace.

This will depend on your purchase plan! If you have completed your payments for your course you will have lifetime access to all course material and any new material we add along the way.

Nope! No matter where you're located, you can enroll. In fact, we have students from all over the world who have successfully completed the course. 

100% YES! We have found virtual training to be as effective as in-person training. You receive the exact same guidance and instruction as our in-person programs, with the primary difference being that you will be the one handling your dog for the duration of training. And that alone can be extremely helpful to build your confidence and provide fast results at home.

Even some of our most complex cases of reactivity, separation anxiety, and other behavioral problems can be tackled with a high level of efficiency using virtual training. We often find that the presence of a trainer walking into your home alone, can set some dogs off.

The learning because more difficult and often leads to frustration for both pet parent and their dog. It's especially important in that you, the pet parent, is empowered to take the lead on your dog's training and that you truly understand the principles behind the training.

Virtual dog training will give you all of the tools you need to do just that and see the results you're looking for so that you can have the relationship with your dog you dreamed of.